Computer Graphics

[1] Estimation of Omnidirectional Light Sources

A method is proposed for estimating an omni-directional distribution of light sources in a natural scene by means of a digital camera and a mirrored ball. Take photos of scenery by 120 degrees with the digital camera which installed Fish-eye lens. Synthesize the photos, estimating light sources and rendering the scene.

[2] Measuring and Rendering Art Paintings

Spectral reflectance information is important than color information for recording and rendering of paintings as digital images. Realistic images are created based on the estimated surface reflectances and geometries under arbitrary illumination and viewing conditions.

[3] Dynamic Range Compression for HDR Image

The retinal adaptation process helps the human visual system to see high dynamic range scenes in the real world. We propose a simple static local adaptation method for HDR image compression based on a retinal model.

[4] Chromatic Adaptation

We assume that the process of an incomplete adaptation moves on a black body tracks. The color corresponding to the adaptation level is obtained by considering von Kries rule and incomplete adaptation level based on the color temperature of the black body radiation.