Natural Image Database

This image database provides a data set of calibrated images of natural scenes, including spectral information of scene illumination.

  • [1] All images are RGB color data in 8bit for each channel,
         where the data with pixel value more than 225 are much reliable.
  • [2] The spectral-power distribution of ambient light at image acquisition is attached to every image.
  • [3] The spectral-sensitivity functions of the camera used are provided.

*Notice Please state clearly use of this natural image database in your papers on the image data.

Database list

(Provided by Osaka Electro-Communication University)

  • Laboratory : Scenes including persons photographed under an incandescent lamp indoors.
  • Laboratory2 : Scenes including persons photographed under a halogen lamp indoors.
  • Laboratory3 : Scenes including persons photographed under a halogen lamp indoors.
  • Campus : Campus scenes under a cloudy sky outdoors.
  • Blue screen : Personunder daylight outdoors.
  • Kyoto : Scenes in Kyoto under fine weather outdoors.
  • Osaka : Scenes including persons photographedunder daylight outdoors.
  • Nara : Scenes in Nara under fine weather outdoors.
  • Kobe : Scanes in Kobe under fine weather outdoors.
  • Fushimi : Scanes in Fushimi under fine weather outdoors.
  • Sagano : Scanes in Sagano under fine weather outdoors.
  • Otsu : Scanes in Otsu under fine weather outdoors.